Slammers vs. the Wedding
Game #2

A host of activity in the space above Rondo has the group curious. They separate to learn more but turn up with few leads. They know that there is a party at the estate of Jayvin Nor, a retired businessman, who lives to the east of the city. After a failed attempt to approach the estate where their landspeeder was fired on they group needed a new plan. Roxy attempted to get a job as a dry cleaner but the President of Space was not a good enough reference on her resume.

All that leg work was for nothing as once they returned to the bar they were contacted by Gatlin who wanted to hire them as extra security for the wedding at his boss’s estate. They were given the tour and told of their main objectives at the wedding.

  • Keep Eeth Odok, an old flame of the bride, from ruining the wedding.
  • Prevent the two rival Gamorrean tribes from fighting.
  • Stop the Cereans from freaking out too much around all of the violent guests.
  • Memorize the images of hundreds of possible enemies and be ready if one should show.

Eeth Odok was dealt with by a combination of threats, some minor force, and being burned very badly in the neck by Dak.

The Gamorreans were handled by Roxy’s hot robot body, the diplomacy of Senator Sal Menda, and Graham’s single combat with the Gamorrean leader Jubmush.

One of Jayvin Nor’s enemies did show up, a assassin named Lo-Ka. The group learned that he was trying to sabotage the shield generator and managed to defeat him just before he accomplished that task (largely due to Muuurgh’s combat ability.

The Slammers were rewarded for their efforts and went home with credits in their pockets and their names known by some of the most powerful people in the galaxy.

Slammers vs. the Mynocks
Game #1

The group is hired by Siren, a local doctor, to recover a large quantity of drugs stolen from her lab. The graffiti on the wall indicates that the crime was committed by a local gang known as the Mynocks. The group heads to the north end of Prime to located the thieves.

On route the assist Gatlin, a security officer, in his fight against the Rancor gang. He thanks them for their help and agrees to return the favor if he can.

Eventually they find the gang headquarters and begin their assault. The leader of the group “Torque” proves to be a worthy adversary and The Slammers just barely escape with the drugs and their lives.

Siren rewards them with both credits and samples of some of her drugs that the group will no doubt use for more nefarious purposes than medicine.

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